Saturday, January 18, 2020

Tips for Massage School Success

  • If you have a syllabus, write down the dates beside each class so that you know exactly when they're taking place. 
  • Related: write down the due dates next to assignments and projects. 
  • Also related: put all of these dates into your calendar(s). 
  • Work ahead when you can because life will happen and you can fall behind. 
  • Keep track of any missed classes and clinics: my suggestion is to have a column for the date, a column for what was missed and/or how many hours it was worth, why it was missed, and a column for the "Made Up" date. You can download mine or make your own.
  • Keep a Massage Journal.
  • Ask friends and family for gift certificates for local massage businesses. 
  • If you're having difficulty moving your body -- i.e. if you're lacking flexibility -- checking with your doctor, visiting a chiropractor, or taking up gentle yoga (such as yin yoga) can help you move easier and with less pain. 
  • Anatomical terminology (anterior, posterior, lateral, medial, etc.) and movement terminology (flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, etc.) are two different but very important things for you to study early on. 
  • Flashcards are your friends. 
  • Strong thighs save spines: more lunging, less reaching and leaning. 
  • Twin and Twin XL-sized sheets work great on massage tables. Keep your pillowcases to use as face cradle covers and for draping. Microfiber sheets are lighter and dry quicker, but higher thread counts last longer. 
  • When you are struggling, ask for help -- from friends and family, classmates, teachers, other staff members of your school. 
  • Make a Facebook group or an e-mail or text loop for you and your classmates.