Wednesday, February 27, 2019



My name is Bethany Ingraham, and I've been working as a massage therapist for about seven years. I've spent my career working in a hair salon, at chiropractor offices, and doing mobile massage before officially transitioning to my own business, I Knead Serenity, in Buxton, Maine. As of January 2019, I've started teaching at my "alma mater," Spa Tech Institute, because I love working with massage students and sharing tips and tricks for getting through school and out into the community.

Professional™ Me... ... versus My Latest Facebook Selfie

I aim for casual professionalism: I hold myself and my colleagues to high standards, but I'm incapable of being super serious and rigid 100% of the time. My office and services don't quite fit the spa industry standard of complete, meditative zen. It's comfortable and cozy, but I have a corner office next to a busy road and post office, with other office neighbors frequently going through doors and connected halls. I like to let my clients pick their music, so we get a nice mixture of Reggae, the Lumineers, acoustic rock covers, and Annie Lennox to balance out the pan flutes and synthesizers.

And if the name didn't give it away, I'm really into alternative rock music, sci-fi shows, and at-times-obscure pop-culture references.

As much as I enjoy writing, I'm also a perfectionist. I love to wax poetic and make sure everything is nice and tidy and makes sense before I hit "publish." Sometimes, I just can't dedicate that amount of time and attention, which means I end up with unfinished drafts that don't make it out into the world. This blog may not always have photos and long paragraphs of information. I will likely ramble. I may have to go back and edit things later, or make a new post to better explain whatever points I was trying to make.

Still, I hope that you'll stick around and find something that helps you. Ask questions -- there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. And it's me: I drive my family nuts with my smart-alec answers, and I'll probably try to answer with something witty.

Stay shiny! ♡